Frame Box -Spline Jig

Frame_Spline Jig (1).skp (221.5 KB)
This is similar to a jig that’s in Robert Wearing’s book. Wearing’s used the bolt to clamp a
picture frame for handsawing spline kerfs. This one I modeled would use clamps to attach
a picture frame or small box to the jig for handsawing kerfs for splines. I made one already
based on Wearing’s book, and it works good for picture frame spline kerfs.


Frame_Spline Jig (2).skp (232.3 KB)
The changes in the screenshot make this jig more like one that Robert Wearing has in his book,
Making Woodwork Aids & Devices. I like it better, because the only clamp needed is to clamp the jig to the workbench. A hold fast would work for that.