Progress on Miter Saw

Saw Chest (4).skp (2.6 MB)
The skp has my progress on my miter saw. It took me a couple of days to make the cord and electrical plug. Making the bends in the cord was slow. I scaled up 100 times to do that. My next thing is to make the outer blade guard and fine tune the inner blade guard. I worked on making the center part of the arm more realistic. I shortened the miter knob, too. It has the overall dimensions that my miter saw really has. The outer blade guard has attachments connected to the pivot point of the arm that make it go over the front of the blade. That will be hard to model and will require me to scale up again. The outer blade guard fits over the inner blade guard, so I’ll have a little more space than with the inner blade guard. I’ll probably start making it to scale before I move/copy and scale up 100 times. Your advice and comments are welcome.

Watch out when turning on, I think the tooths are in the opposite direction:)


I better check that out. I had the installed the inner blade guard backward and had to turn it around before I sent the skp. :crazy_face:

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I found loading the saw at 45deg saves space

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Saw Chest (4).skp (2.7 MB)
I think I’m finished with the Miter Saw. Whew! The skp has the tags with colors turned on, and when I turned off visibility, I found some unwanted geometry (imagine that). So I deleted it. A useful thing to check I found after tagging. I made the outer blade cover and the arm that makes the cover lower when the saw is lowered. There must be some spring mechanism that does that. (I did not model that, because I would have to take the saw apart to even find it.) I don’t find it necessary to go to that level of detail. I’ve over detailed everything, already. Oh yeah, I turned the blade around, and I’ll try the
45 degree angle for loading it in the chest. Thanks for the comments.

Clean model! - well done.

I use X-ray mode and edge endpoints = on to veritfy my modelling after i’m finshed… I usually spot a few small issues this way.

How does yuour blade guard stay attached?

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Nice work! I noticed that all of your tools in the chest are “loose” components. If I were you I would group them per tool so the tools are easier to move…

Were you able to get the miter saw to fit into the box. Can you tell me what the different saws you modeled are. I do not recognize most of them.

Thank you. I am not sure how the inner blade guard is attached. I will have to take a closer look when it gets light. Thanks for the tip about endpoints =.

The only way I have organized them so far is the tag folders like handsaws and miter saw. When you group components, do you do that in outliner? I am just learning how to use outliner and am finding it useful for some things.

I haven’t tried yet but will soon. I think that I will make scenes and describe how I use the saws. I use mainly hand tools now, but some day I would like to have access to more power tools. A bandsaw would really speed up my woodworking. A jointer/planer and a drill press would also help. I do my work on my back porch and don’t have an enclosed shop now.

Here is a screenshot of the miter saw fitting in the chest on end. I made the chest lid visible
and put it in x-ray view.

Screenshot of first scene of exploded Rip Bow Saw.

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It can be done in outliner but I would probably prefer in model.
Just select all groups/components that form one saw and make it a group or component…
That way you only have to select the “overall” saw group/component with one click and you can move it somewhere else for instance…

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