Mitering from two components - native tools only

Curious, how would you create a new 45 mitre bench from these two components using native tools only? I’ve got an idea, but it’s probably unnecessarily complicated compared to the ‘duh-use-this-approach’ method. What’s throwing me is the taper on the seats.

WM Sauna basement.skp (251.0 KB)

How do you want to handle the end rails/legs at the miter? Would you have short units filling that hole or would you extend the two on either side to meet at the miter and maybe put in a rail/leg along the seam?

What information do you need out of the model? Shop drawings for building it or just a view to show what it should look like?

One option before I know that information would be to use Follow Me around the corner and then remove one side leaving the mitered end. Or maybe you don’t even need to cut it at the miter.

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Here I went ahead and used Follow Me to make a corner unit. In order to get the pieces down the front to work correctly I had to modify the benches on either side a little. Personally I would have started from the corner unit and worked away from it.

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That would work. This stage is merely the client trying to decide which of several places to build his new sauna, so it’s more a visual. Shop drawings would follow the final placement decision.

I was trying to use the legs and horizontal rail in the corner, but I like the cleanliness of it without.

With a 90 degree path?

I would have started from the corner as well, but the benches are copied from the other sauna in the bunker that is honestly going to be the one he ends up using because it’s the ‘sexier’ option (client’s words, not mine, though I liked it.)

This is awesome. Thank you.

Is no issue, very simple. Draw a square and follow me around it to understand how simple.
But I wanted to do the chop version. Note your components are not properly aligned on the corner. I used make unique and flip so the third component off to the side is unaffected.


And you prove that it is just that. Simple. :slightly_smiling_face: I have trouble with the iPad flicks, but I got it.

I tried the cutaway thing, and even went back and watched baby Yoda/grogu get chopped all up. It acted like it intersected and even had lines, but I couldn’t delete the extra geometry. It actually made me realize I have no idea what the options for ‘intersect with…’ do or how they differ. I’m going to have to study those.

This is very helpful!

Neither Dave or I have an ipad, so we can only give generic answers.

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You’re welcome.

Box has you set up on Follow Me it looks like.

I understand on the benches but since I went ahead and did the modeling, I’ll show you the thought process I used.

Started with the corner unit. Lengths of the short pieces at the front kind of determine the size of it. They can’t be made too short or there’ll be problems.

Add in the leg frames on either side and use Move/Copy to create an array in the long direction.

With the leg frames evenly distributed in that direction, the lengths of the bench slats are determined and the first straight section is modeled to fit.

That gets arrayed with Move/Copy and then one bench and one leg component are copied and rotated to the other side of the corner unit.

At this stage there are four straight bench sections that are identical with no measurements needed to work it out. If the one unit on the left isn’t long enough, Make Unique and modify as needed.



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What’s missing?

Sorry, my mistake, it was late, I thought you thought I had done a vid for pushpull.

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Here’s a quickie showing the basics of understanding how the ‘selection context’ is relevant.


iPad can do Follow Me Ok, but it can’t do the trick where the profile is grouped into a different context from the path, i.e. there’s no way to select the path, right click on the group and enter it and select the profile. You’re limited to working with both on the same context level is all.

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