Mitered molding with follow-me

Currently modeling a tiny house with mismatched elements, so pardon the semi-nonfuntionality of the door in the skp.

Is there some technique in follow-me that would result in miter geo for this molding (rather than me having to go back and intersect with a 45° rectangle, as I did with the doorway molding in the photo)? Miter geo is obviously a must for easy reshaping later, so that I don’t need to repeat the fm flow two times for two different shapes. I know that sometimes, follow-me-ing to rectangles produces such lines regardless of intent.

A very confusing tool at times, follow-me. I watched the skill-builder but have much to learn. I have a OK grasp of prepping the surface with weld and line breaks to come out how I want, but I’m still quite lost on the nuances of designing the path.

fm question.skp (229.4 KB)

This seems like a great application for Profile Builder 3. It’ll do the Follow Me and split the molding into sections automatically. That would require a desktop version, though. I didn’t remember you’re using the web-based free. I’ll move this to the right category.

That said, it isn’t terribly difficult to do it manually. Run Follow Me and then select just sections of the molding to group them or make components.

I used the Line tool to draw in the miter lines that weren’t created because the profile is flat on the front and back. No need for using Intersect Faces at all.

Hmm… As perpendicular edges do not produce any geo on the joints (at least not in web), there’s no way to select distinct sections without intersecting with a 45° rectangle first. Grouping what I can select doesn’t force any new geo either.

Correct. So get the Line tool and draw in the missing lines and the miters.

Gotch - no secret technique that I am missing out on, then.

Thanks as always

Not with Follow Me. Keep in mind there are probably as many situations where you wouldn’t want those miter lines as there are cases where you would.

An extension called split donut will put those edges in for you, but that doesn’t help you with the web version.


Right, but since welding/segmenting curved paths either hides/shows the miter geo on non-perpendicular edges, I thought I must be missing something. However, that’s different than creating geo vs not creating geo…

I think I’ll play with avoiding perpendicular edges because having to draw lines and then think about rotate-copying them or do them four times a bit painful.

Yeah, avoiding perpendicular edges is quite a nice workaround.

That’s great as long as you don’t have to replicate an existing molding profile.

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