My Router Model

Router (1).skp (264.2 KB)
I had to model this in levels to have any chance of keeping it solid. The only component I have not yet gotten solid is the “Depth Adjust Holder,” but solid inspector calls it solid. Entity Info does not agree even though inspector only shows some short edges. I want to scale this to size by using the tape measure down to 6" dia. across the bottom. I modeled in meters to avoid problems.

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The problem is in this area:

Check all four similar spots.
You will need to erase an interior edge at each spot and retrace part of the larger rectangle.


Yes, that made it solid after I erased and redrew the part you showed :smile: I will still fine tune it with some holes, on/off switch and scaling it. Then, I may model some jigs and router table stuff.

Router (2).skp (378.4 KB)
Here’s the update with on/off switch, locking lever components, scaled to size, and some more
holes. They are small parts that took me a while.

Nice and relatively low-poly, which is good. I noticed a little jog in the Router Column that you probably didn’t intend to be there. It causes the edge at that location to change back and forth between dashed and solid as you orbit. I think the column is meant to be a simple cylinder? If so, it would be easy to redraw it.



Thank you for looking and finding that. I will fix it.
Router (3).skp (378.4 KB)