Playing Around

Been awhile doing something of my own and good to just make something off the top of your head. Also need the practice with LayOut. Still has a few flaws in the texturing but still not bad for straight out of SketchUp.

Been learning Blender and Unity, it is good to come home and relax for a bit. Will throw it in Kerkythea later on and see how it turns out…Peace!

Untitled.pdf (1.9 MB)


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Interesting design. Are you going to build it for real?

That first page is just a little too exciting for me. :smiley:

Would like to down the road, one concern would be the weight of the two combined tops. That would be a factor to consider, also could make them 1/2 inch thick to cut the weight. It is like 4 ideas I had seen combined into one.
You may see some of your handy work incorporated ie.: the Trestle Table base and the bowed legs are a take off of that Swiss Table from a ways back. Design.Click.Build

The first page was an oops!! it is a background for some web design stuff I am fooling with also

Maybe Corian would be lighter than marble.

I thought those legs looked kind of familiar. :smiley:

The tiered tops were cut glass in the original table, a smoked green color. I tried 5 different times but the transparency with the SketchUp textures looked crappy. So tempered glass or Corian would be the best bet.
I used the marble to give it some pas`saze and throw you off the legs!!! Enjoy your days and Peace…

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What fun! A long, long time ago (we know a song about that - Ed)…when I was at school, I made a table with legs a lot like that but the top was made of the same wood. Also, it had a second tier. I was making it for my parents and figured that the lower tier would be somewhere to put all the papers, books, and magazines that regularly cluttered the top of the coffee table they had previously.

Corian would defo be lighter but plastic? Really? @DaveR what were you thinking?

I think my sister still has that table. Maybe I should get it back…

Obviously I wasn’t being serious, Simon. It would put the table into a different period, after all.

Aw Dave, you was just “playing around”! How appropriate. Like this:

I always remember a nice pair of legs myself.

I’m guessing he’s remembering these legs. :slight_smile:


Shapely and nymph-like!

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