Dining Table Model and the Real Thing

I thought I’d share some images of a dining table I designed for clients in New York City. They wanted an extension table large enough to seat 10, or even 12, for their frequent large Friday night meals but they wanted it to suit their smaller family the rest of the week. They asked for a wood top and steel base. This is what I presented.

With the leaves in.

I spec’d equalizer slides from Osborne Wood Products which worked quite nicely.

And here are pictures of the finished table in place. The table was built in Hendersonville, NC.

Unfortunately those are the best photos I have.


You’re awesome Dave.

Gorgeous design.


Great design ! Love it !

Freakin’ amazing. :+1::+1::+1:

Thank you.

Do you do these just for fun DaveR, because I don’t see anything of THAT quality in the 3D Warehouse! :wink:-:wink: (wink-wink, hint-hint)

The warehouse is basically full of beginner models. Anyone with any skill generally has their own library.

That table was done for a client. It was paid work although I also found it a fun project to do. Some of the drawings you’ve seen were done for the fun of it and some was done for paying clients. I generally don’t upload my models to the 3D Warehouse which is why you don’t find them there. :wink:

You’re killing me! I love your work. You’re obviously a digital artist. Thanks for sharing.

@Box. Are there any outside sites that offer components? Developing beds with comforters and pillows on my own doesn’t really appeal to me.

Thank you.

It’s a good ‘second job’ to have. I’m finding I like modeling because it totally consumes my mind ~ Sketchup take me away! LOL

P.S. Your job sounds stressful. You can’t make any mistakes fixing that sort of equipment.

It can be. I always give everything “The Mom Test.” Would I want them to use it on my mom?

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Good man. :+1:

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Thats amazing Dave! Love it!!