Can you help me uncouple this object from these other objects?

I’ve colored this piece of trim tan. I am trying to remove it from the “Tops” layer and put it on the Trim layer, but when I triple click it I get a bunch of other parts selected also. How can I separate these things? Obviously I am new, I do not even know what to call these items.

Any other feedback is appreciated. This is a design for a bed I want to build, and this is my first drawing.


bed2.skp (236.3 KB)

Hi Jim,

It looks to me as if you’ve missed making some components. It will be possible to fix it but it’s probably easier to just redraw it correctly. In fact, the entire bed needs help. More than what you’ve shown in your animation.

Yeah I agree that it needs help. I was actually thinking of hiring a tutor to help me because I know there are some basic things that I am missing! This file is bed2 because bed1 was a REAL mess, if you can imagine that.

Like I said, I am open to whatever feedback anyone is willing to offer!

You know what’s funny? After I made this post I went over to and was about to make a post there asking for advice about the design, if it was a practical build, etc. So I was browsing around, looking at the posts, and I recognize you! So, maybe that’s not funny. But it is to me! At any rate, it looks like I got the attention of the right person! So let me ask you this, when you say it needs help, are you referring to the drawing, or do you think I will have construction or structural problems?

Hi Jim,

Well, I don’t know if it’s funny but I participate in both places.

The model needs a lot of help to make it usable to create plans for the shop. As for the design, I’ve been redrawing it and I think it looks like a reasonable design. Fairly straightforward build. A few parts missing but nothing that can’t be fixed. For the most built what around here would be referred to as “hell for stout.” :smiley:

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