Roju's Made with Sketchup Gallery

I am going to post here some images I made in SketchUp. I hope you may like it.

Few years ago I made some images for my friend from Gdansk.


These are images I made 7 years ago for my urban planning classes.


These images I made 4 years ago for church renovation project in Żukowo (Poland).


These pictures I made working in PPW Fort Architects in 2014. We were working on Rector’s offices renovation project. We used them in early stage of concept project.


Hi all,
today I want to share with You, how I used SketchUp in 3d printing. In 2015 I worked on residential housing project in PPW Fort architects. The first step was to design buildings and model them in 3d. Second step was 3d model preparation for 3d printing.

Here is the example of simplified model prepared for 3d printing. The model is very simple, there is one solid object with simple “cut opening” components

Here is 3d printing in progress with Zortrax m200.

I tried 2 different colors of ABS filament: black and white. The first photo also contains support structure for balconies, which I removed after. I decided to use white filament additional painted white, to show more details.

There is the result.


Nice work! I really like your clean modelling aesthetic, if you know what I mean. Especially your “Rector’s office renovation” post; it has seemingly basic components and materials scheme, yet it tells a clear story and has a very elegant feel.

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Thank You :slight_smile:

That navy 3D print :fire:

Today I want to show You, model I made in Sketchup for architectural conservation classes 8 years ago :slight_smile:

Here You can download this model Church Garnizonowy in Gdansk Wrzeszcz | 3D Warehouse



Today I want to show You some images I made in SketchUp. These images I made two years ago for my friend Kasia K. I modeled this construction based on her construction project.

I hope You like it.


That’s a nice and flexible technique.

Hi, today I want to show You images I made in SketchUp for personal project (2011). This is an existing historical building in Gdansk (Poland). I modeled it with Match Photo function, even textures are made in SketchUp.

Match Photo I learned from video tutorials on, today they are probably here SketchUp Training Series: Match Photo part 1 - YouTube

I hope You like it


In 2015 I worked on restaurant interior design located in European Solidarity Center, Gdansk Poland. I made this project with PPW Fort Architects team. There are some images I made in SketchUp. I hope You like it.


Today I want to show You the dominant I designed in SketchUp. This is only a small part of the project I worked in 2011 with PPW Fort Architects. Entire project covered also Exhibition and Convention Center in Gdansk (Poland). I hope You like it.


Today I want to show You my grandparents house located in Lithuania. Modeled in SketchUp, rendered with Vray.


Very nice. I’m not sure I understand how the color textures were done, particularly brick patterns and banding.

With “Project photo”, then “Make Unique Texture” on particular face.

Similar like here: SketchUp Training Series: Match Photo part 2 - YouTube

Hmm. I use “Project Photo” all the time, but it usually brings in all the flaws of the photo, like shadows at the time and bushes in front of the building. Yours looks so perfect. I guess I don’t follow what “Make Unique Texture” does in this case. I have photographed a sample of the wall covering and turned that into a repeating pattern texture.

Here’s a sample of a Match Photo model I did of an existing building, and turned into a physical model. The photos include all the flaws as mentioned.

In this case this technique was perfect. There was no shadows, and all walls are same.


Ahh, yes. Very good. Thanks.