Roju's Made with Sketchup Gallery

These are chairs I modeled with SketchUp too.


Hi, today I want to show You some images I made in SketchUp for scientific article presented on eCAADe conference about kinetic building skins.


I made these images without any purpose, just playing with components and Vray.


@robertjuch, for some reason, when I try this it’s not working. I create a rectangle for a portion I want to repeat, right click and select Make Unique, and the texture for that portion just goes to white.

I should start a new thread to ask around.

Nice metal material on the stairs :slight_smile:

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Working on my new video tutorial for YT. Skyscraper modeled with 7 unique components. Rendered with Vray 3.8


For several days I am using fantastic GPU render for Sketchup (Enscape). Render time is incredible (full hd picture is rendering only few seconds 4-5s).


amazing great work i love 3d printing


nice workkkk

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Have you had to.mess around with very much to get these results?
It looks very balanced and natural.
How about the texturing?

I had a short play with enscape. Once installed, I had the options come available in SU to add light sources. However I can’t say these showed up immediately when I created the enscape render. -just be more to it as I saw nothing at all…

Final q: what kind of pc you rocking to render so quickly!? Great stuff.

I can describe this in few steps

  1. I opened old SketchUp file
  2. In enscape settings turned: chromatic Aberration, Depth of Field, Two point Perspective, Outlines 1%.
  3. In materials added some additional words: plastic, metal, chrome, glass etc. (without emissive)
  4. Changed sun position with Shift+RMB in enscape
  5. Saved few views.

That’s all.

My computer GPU Gtx 980 ti and CPU i7 4790K

I think I am going to give it a go (Enscape) on the 2 week free trial. Have you tried out any of the VR stuff yet?

No, but I think it should be awesome :slight_smile:

In few minutes I am going to prepare simple scene and record short video, to show how it works.

Oh great, i’m also on a 980ti with a similar CPU so fills me with hope it will all be ok :slight_smile:

So far the only SU renderer I’ve used is Podium. How do they compare?

Here is my simple video with Enscape test:

PS. Furniture from Herman Miller 3D Warehouse

I have never used Podium.


Nice hope I have some free time to try it out next week!

Cool! Are you using a Space Mouse at all for moving/navigating or just a regular mouse?

WASD keys (with SHIFT/CTRL for faster movements) and regular mouse.

[OT] reminds me, I think I should buy a 3d mouse.
The staggered zooming from my regular wheel in SU is just a bit annoying for the amount that I’m doing it. 1year into SU, I think I should step up :-).