We used sketchup to design our new manufacturing facility

I just wanted to share our experience with sketchup. I have been using sketchup for years with various small projects. About 9 Years ago I became a cabinet designer and I have been able to improve my design skills and use sketchup even more. We started designing our new building 5 years ago in sketchup before any architects were involved. It was pretty basic at first, just using blocks and moving things around until we we started refining the building. We are now 5 months away from moving into our new, state of the art building! I wanted to have something cool in the lobby so I then used sketchup and redesigned the building so the whole thing could be 3d printed. Sketchup is awesome! I posted some pics of the progress on both the building and the model. I will post more when the buildings are done. I just wanted to share my experience with sketchup!


I don’t see any pics…
Maybe you posted before the pics were uploaded…
You have to wait till they are uploaded

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I see one now…
Indeed if you are new to the forum you can only post one picture per post and you can’t send personal messages to other people. This is to prevent spam and is removed after a few posts when your trust level goes up…

Thanks for the help.

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Nice! Printed in many parts I see…

Yes. Its a really big model. 68" inches long and 48" wide.



This is the sketchup model for 3d printing. still in progress. I hid the roof so you could see the trusses.


@tratfab - thank you for sharing this. Absolutely amazing, seeing such a large project from SketchUp to physical structure of such immense size!

I’m curious, after you designed in SketchUp, did your architect/engineers model from that in a full BIM tool, or did they collaborate with you directly in the SketchUp model?

Thanks again, excellent post!

They mostly used the renderings and design to start the project. They used our overall dimensions of the building and details. It was awesome to have sketchup so we could actually see the little changes we wanted to make before the architects got it. They were so impressed because they didn’t have to guess what we wanted.


Ive actually spent more time making the sketchup model printable. I have over 24 days of printing so far.

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This is quite cool! Wish I had that space for my model railroad

Thanks for sharing

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That is really impressive! Good job!

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