Brand new to SketchUp, and need quick start

Would anyone here be willing to get me a quick start by setting up the basic dimensions and getting a layout to where it could be rapidly have rooms/offices shaped, added, and insides of these depicted?
MY company developed an engine that combusts saltwater to make electricity ( obviously there is a much longer more precise explanation:-) ) but now that our 2nd gen prototype is completed, we are intererested in moving into a warehouse style office location for R&D mfg. I would like to try to plan out how much space we really need, by “building up” each room or production bay we actually need. Scale on the attached png file is 3/16 inches = 1’ 0"
At this moment I don’t know if we need 2000 feet, or if we need the whole 4,189 sq ft.
Would anyone be willing to help me with this?

Hi Dan!

Sounds like something that I could help you with! I’ve Private messaged you!


I sent you a PM earlier this evening. And to follow up here’s a quick model that should help get things started.200909A_Dan_Vokler.skp (293.3 KB) This model measures 4,160 SF (Gross) for Suite 310 … but you mentioned 4,189 SF in your original post … so obviously the model is a bit off (0.6%). Regardless, hopefully it will help start the discussion.

If you want to pursue this further send me an e-mail … or shoot me a txt msg.


E. Godsey

Hi Ernest,

I love that you started with this. Can you tell me how you would want to proceed?


Dan Volker


You can call any time, but I will be out on a bike ride for the next 2 hours :blush:

So after that.