New User need some help

Hi I want to learn how to type in dimentions of my outside box and then I want to type in dimentions of other items and make sure they fit in the scale but not sure on best way to achieve this. if someone is very effcient at doing this then it prob take you about 5 mins to teach me as I want to learn only part of the program and that the part I need to learn how to do effectivley looking forward to your reply


Could you be more specific about what it is you are trying to draw?

I am designing my new interior for my van however before purchasing the item of van I want to make sure all the parts I am going to purchase to put in the back of my van will fit in and on the van so I want to draw the dimentions of the van interior and also then place the products I am putting in my van for my confort to make sure they fit and also want to work out which items better as ideally I like the biggest item for back of van as be going for a large item however I can go to medium or small if the large is to big so I wantto work out where abouts I can put it in van I know where I would like it theirs no complications like wireing or anything of that nature just making sure things fit and look good but just want to make sure items will fit and how much room I will have if sitting on the item etc


I would suggest you start by watching the basic videos and then learn to use the native tools before you start trying to draw something complex like a van.

You need to model the interior of your van in some detail - and make a component or group of it…

Next model the parts you want to fit inside it.
As groups or components.

You can move these around and adjust them as desired…

Raw geometry sticks together, using a ‘container’ separates it.

thanks for helping me find a starting point :slight_smile: