Simplest way you know of to do this?


so this is what im lookiing to do:

  1. say you’re trying to figure out what items can fix into a box
  2. first you have the limit of the box size
  3. then you have to consider that the items are all different shapes

i need something to see/visualise all this basically so that you can see what items would fit

i was thinking about somethign where i can see basic shapes of the 1) box, and 2) items
and then be able to move them around so i can see what fits

im sure there’s other ways to reach the goal but i dunno what those other ways are

oh also is desktop or web version better or doesnst matter?


If you want to do this with Sketchup you will have to draw the box and items first. Make each element a Group or Component then you can start moving them around.

One limitation of using SU for this kind of thing is that what we know as solids in the real world are not truly solid in SU. They are voids with surfaces. Also, Su does not “understand” that one Group/Component cannot conflict with another. So if you have a table and chair as two groups, you can happily move the chair so that it is in the middle of the table with its back poking up through the table top. Unless there is some clever extension that automatically recognizes an overlap, I am not sure how useful SU will be for this task.


want w/e software is best (simplest) for this thing, you know?

  • does sketch have measurements? since that’s ofc the most important part
  • i dont think ‘goes through other objects’ is a big deal unless it’s hard to move

i thought all ‘3d modelling / cad’ stuff software are the pretty much the same but maybe not i dunno


Sketchup is a 3D modelling program in which you model at real world size. You can show measurements (if that’s what you mean) but if your groups/components are properly drawn, they will already be the right scale in relation to one another.

Er, no.


This LINK will take you to a series of short videos that should help answer your questions.


that link makes a ‘recentange’

can you make the rect with specific measurements?


You can make rectangles etc to a specified dimension. See the getting started series from this PAGE


Look at the second Getting Started video. 30 seconds in it shows you that.


Here is another one

You need to let go of the mouse…:smiley:


this link is good

answers the question asked very early on

guessing that another link is irrelevant tot the op


imma give this a try and see if its any good

dont know why that measurement link wasnt linked

its obvs the most helpful thing to the question asked


is the web version worst or something

cant enter measurements


What do you mean, you can’t enter measurements? Are you clicking in the Measurements field before trying to enter a dimension? If so, don’t. There’s never any reason to click there. Just start drawing or whatever it is you’re doing. If the Measurements window can take an entry, just let go of the mouse and type.


how exactly do you make a shape with a specific dimension???

what to type into the measuerement thing??

what’s the exact process for this whole thing???

do you have to press enter???

i dont get it this is confusing badly designed

do i have to write 10 inches or w/e???

can i use * for the next dimension???


what do you mean what i mean, it’s exactly what is said --> cant enter measurements

yea ofc

i dont understand this phrase ‘There’s never any reason’, in lots of software there’s lots of reasons

i dont understant ‘go of’ - do you mean '‘just type???’

after when? after you click on a ‘line’?

how exactly do you make a shape with a specific dimension???


I think you could get a better idea of how to navigate in SU if you watched these VIDEOS While watching draw along with the narrator to get familiar with the tools.


Remember everyone here is trying to be helpful.