Roju's Made with Sketchup Gallery

Thanks for posting the video.

I’m impressed how good it can look.

It seems to adjust the final image now and again after you rest still - guess that’s the program properly rendering things in…

I think I’ll be going down this route when I come to render my current project.

A bit off topic, but I read (or attempted to at least) an article about the real time rendering process in grand theft auto 5. And it was deep let’s put it that way!

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After watching new illustrations from @liamk887, tried to do something interesting :slight_smile:


Wow nice work, are those lights in Vray or afterwards?

I am technically cheating while posting a lot of ‘old’ illustrations!

lights, fog, glare etc. from Vray

Awesome, I need to learn how to do volumetric’s in Thea. How long does it take you to run a scene with lights and fog in Vray? We have the same GPU.

Vray fog does not work with GPU, and in this case i used only CPU. Render time very short, 2-3 minutes with 1700px width (but I used also vray denoiser to decrease render time).

Ahh thats a shame well thats still really quick!

Volumetrics in Thea with the GPU+CPU is amazingly simple. Go to environment tab, global medium, slide the tab for fog and render on Presto MC as Presto AO doesn’t allow.


I intend to participate in the 3d Modeling Challege (3D Modeling Challenges are HERE!). I started making my model :wink: Here is my WIP. The car from the movie “Blade runner 2049” was the inspiration.


Can you save those settings as a favorite and name them “J. M. W. Turner?”

You sure can: just delete all geometry, purge and save your model as a Sketchup Template and name it as you wish. From then on Thea settings will be stored on that template. You could also use a grunge map on your sketchup style and use “blended with Sketchup” on Thea render settings, so you could have Turner’s painted strokes look.

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Absolutely beautiful! Nice Work!

Nice work, will be interesting to see what you are doing?!

It hard to describe with words with my English knowledge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Made a simple render with WIP model for challenge.


Wow really cool, reminds me of Tron Legacy colour palette

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Wow the rendering is impressive O.o

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I like the rocks. Are they artfully placed by hand, or by something like Skatter?

Some rocks i placed with Raytracer by Thomas Thomassen (spray can) and some by hand.


Still working on my model :wink: