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Tomorrow I will model a little bit more :wink:


This sunny climate is probably better for this contest :stuck_out_tongue:


Today I started my Journey with dynamic components. I started learning form this source

There is only one component with one rotation attribute.

This was recreated with @filibis method :wink:




Hi @robertjuch, good luck with your journey :upside_down_face:
I’m also trying learn dynamic components nowadays, is this approach similar to yours or you created something different?


Your example is more complex. I did one component with rotation attribute and list with angle values. Then I copied my components and opened randomly with @eneroth3 random selection.


If the instances are in the same level (context) then interaction is done per instance. They don’t get their rotation feed from a parent instance and can have different rotation angles at one time. It’s like the atribute is attached to the instance’s container as withh materials.


I recreated your method, but I have a question.

If you want to change randbetween domain, I should select all panels and change these value for all panels?


I am not really sure how to resolve that but i think @Wo3Dan just emphasized that issue and probably he knows the answer :upside_down_face:


I understand that @Wo3Dan described only your situation, to add attributes to each “panel” inside “All_Panels” component. To achieve different rotation for each “panel”.

Now it remains to wait @Wo3Dan help :wink:


It’s way past midnight here (summer time coming up) so less sleep. It has to wait till tomorrow.
And it is important to know exactly what you want to achieve. I’m certainly not a DC expert.
I recently answered some questions about DCs and some differences about how they react depending on the place where the atribute is. Some 4 days ago.


Playing with Skatter I hope you like it.


Love Skatter. Changed my life as a landscape-trained 3D modeler and “visualizer”.


For lack of time I was absent on the forum for a while, but I did some photos of the building that we designed in the studio Fort Targowski (Poland). We used SketchUp for design in the initial stages of the project and Revit for design authoring. I hope you like it.


I like attention to detail in this models.


Hi, today I am testing new Lumion 8.5 with SketchUp. It took me to design and model House 15 hours and 2 hours took me familiarization with Lumion. Render time of each image was ~1,5 minute (3840x2160px). I hope you like it :wink:


Images from last project made for Fort Targowski. Modeled and rendered in SketchUp and Enscape. Cars, greenery, train, furniture and streetlights from 3D Warehouse. I hope You like it.


Testing new Lumion 9.0 with old SketchUp models.


Is there some kind of banding going on there?


Yes, color grading is made in Lumion. This image was only resized outside Lumion.