Old Yorkshire shop Interior

Here is the interior follow on from the exterior view created in SU and su plugin Twilight. Additional info: Twilight render setting was ‘low’ and render time appx 30 mins. so quite fast on an old windows vista machine AMD 64 athlonx2 /radeon gpu. This also applies to the shopfront render. Thanks to all those in the warehouse for the pastries,till,coffee-machine,figure,pots,pictures and chairs.


Very well done

Very impressive considering you used the “Low” setting in Twilight. I use Twilight all the time, and always use the Interior Progressive for anything inside; I’ll have to try it out your way.

Many thanks for your comments. I am afraid it was the lack of time and panic
to get things out that forced me to use the twilight quick settings
particularly having to do all the design/dwg and contract manage myself.
Overall it works even if sometimes brushed metallics etc I believe the
‘specular’ qualities? cause some issues (low+ can sometimes help), and of
course I expect you get a far sharper image with the progressive settings.
Anyway feedback from those that mattered was always positive as they were
far more interested in how things looked and delighted to see the projects
in 3D and presented on time. Now the pace of life has slowed perhaps I
should start experimenting with those other settings. I know it sounds sad
but I love using these programmes just for my own amusement, having spent
most of my working life with T square and board (well parallel motion) it
was simply liberating when they came along!

Thank you

Hi again @paulcroft
I finally posted some of my work in a gallery, so I thought you might be interested in how my Twilight renderings come out. Here’s the link: Gallery of an interior draftsman