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More technical stuff…


Nice extrusions! I like how you softened the corners at the ends.

The bearing looks too clean. :wink: Those balls need some lubrication.


Did you use a warmer light color for the reflection off the end of the raised extrusion or did you paint that end with a different material?


It’s all the same material, the different look is only generated due to the lighting setup (and I didn’t noticed the different look until you asked for it :wink: ).

Another one, original painting © by my daughter…


I think it’s an excellent render with the different color light. Can you make it look like the aluminum has been freshly sawn instead?

I like your daughter’s painting, too. That’s fun.




Love this (walnutsphere) - wish I could see the rest of the object!

(Kinda reminds me of the opening for the original star wars when the star destroyer enters the frame from the top and everyone was wondering what is this object going to be and how large is it? : )


Thank you @tkhoatson, you can click the image to get the full one (with three different views)…


A typical passivhouse window construction…


Funny - our office just moved and I just couldn’t throw away a similar real world sample made of stainless steel, complete with hinge. Now it is taking up valuable room in my shed.




Very nice work, Clippy. I mean Cotty. :smiley:


Just sticking my two cents worth in if it is OK. It is cool to see the two likes for Dave`s last comment, as it is because of their works and BOX that got me this far. Opened my minds eye to how to get moving with SubD and Vertex Tool, to make a possible Sketch Up USB drive. Thanks for the tools Thomas and the examples to manipulate them and explore all possible options Box and Cotty. Just a start… but pretty cool!!!



@mrwmrutski: Yes, a nice start!


Some wooden toys…


Excellent stuff, Cotty. I’m sure Newton would be very flattered to have his balls modelled in SketchUp. :wink:


@Cotty, I expect Alan is right on this. Perhaps next you can model James Watt’s balls. :smiley:

Nice work, too.


Great idea! In the meantime some other technical stuff :wink:

How To Create a Backlit LED Effect