Chess and Glenfiddich

This was a demonstration for a client to demonstrate that you don’t need a bloated Max file with a gazillion polys to effect a photoreal render. This model is 14,000 faces…half of them in the chess pieces. A 10 minute HDRI render in Brighter3D.


Wow, looks awesome/real! Great job, great Post, TY! I love that you are figuring out how to keep it simple and fast.

Looks like Laphroaig to me… Or probably not, the ice would be sacrilege.


I was gonna guess apple juice…

Yes, probably a bit dark for Glenfiddich, Anssi. I agree the ice sacrilege, but it’s more photogenic.
@MIkeO Nooooo! That would be like playing pool while drinking a smoothie. :wink:

Eh, I’m an avowed non-drinker, so…

But seriously, kick-ass job.

What rendering platform?

Like I said, A 10 minute render in Brighter3D. It’s very handy for quick renders, as you can set an HDRI environment map as a lighting scheme; and easily tweak already-applied materials for reflectivity, transparency or luminosity.

Good day Alan…thanks for responding. I am an Architect in the US…been using Sketchup as primary design tool for 10 years…stepped it up over last year or so to integrate SU design with enhanced images for client presentation and export/interface with AutoCAD for documents. I’m old school and prefer SketchUp integrated with AutoCAD vs. pure REVIT…as SU is more flexible and quicker for providing up-front multiple solutions. Nonetheless…I have been using Twilight Render (again…quick)…but interested in brighter3D. Have you had experience with Twilight Render (or other rendering engines) in addition to brighter3D…as I am most interested in quick visual turnarounds and not post production quality renderings? Also…interested in your input on HDRI skies and backgrounds. I have attached some images rendered in Twilight (most are in the 5 minute rendering time range). Twilight is an easy to use interface…but lacks in tutorials…so I’m not sure I’m using full capabilities. Your thoughts? Jeffery P. Slusarick, RA, NCARB Phone: 412.738.4616Email:

Hi Jeffrey,
I have used Twilight, but I don’t have it on my system at the moment. I’m not sure that you can do very much in Brighter that you can’t do in Twilight; it’s newer and essentially a one-man operation. However it’s certainly worth investigating the free trial…or even buying it isn’t exactly going to break the bank.
It still has a few teething problems. I found that it has serious problems with some kinds of UV mapping. For instance, creating a sphere in SU then using UV tools to apply a nice spherically-mapped material to it looks just fine in SU…but Brighter renders it completely differently…as if you’d group-painted it so that the material is horribly faceted with no apparent mapping at all.


Hope you have seen all the tutorials of TwilightRender:

Whatever you needed to know / learn Twilightrender are there through the above links. I have not heard about Brighter3D. But TwilightRender should certainly give you quick solutions with good results.

In fact you could use the "low+ " preset under easy settings and it would give you a reasonably good render of an interior - but with “noise”. You could edit the image very quickly in a photo editor to remove the noise and get a decent render (of course certainly not the superlative photo realistic post production render - which TwilightRender is equally capable of) - you could get the type of render I mention even with the FREE TwilightRender. (Hobby Version). Same applies to exterior also.

Hope my 2 cents of info helps

Best regards

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Thanks, but we are both very familiar with Twilight. :wink:
Jefferey is obviously very accomplished at it; and I have been using it for years…in fact many of the components at FormFonts have both been rendered in Twilight and are Twilight render-ready.