The JK's Gallery

I am being a copy-cat of @DaveR and @Cotty :smile_cat::

Unfortunately, as most of my work has some sort of copyright or confidentiality issues, I cannot release most of my images, but I may be able post some little studies or tests that I have done. Might not be incredibly interesting, but it may be fun :smiley:

As a starter,

Here are some images that I have generated using SubD and Vray. The original model is actually my very first SketchUp model ever whilst I was in university.


Something that I have done long ago when I was trying to put together a furniture component library

Furniture were downloaded from 3D warehouse and I just did test render of them.

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Inspired by Chris Wood’s designs

Did some visualization with new V-ray for SketchUp 3.
But they are all modeled in SketchUp from scratch. :smiley:


A Shopping mall (Designed by CallisonRTKL) that’s been modeled in SketchUp and rendered with Enscape
Screen Recorded…you can see the mouse pointer in the middle :joy:


A house design a buddy of mine drew on paper.

It’s still a work in progress, haven’t done trim or hardly anything in the rooms upstairs. Probably gonna change all the paint and materials tomorrow.
He’s got a super open bottom floor with a all the bedrooms upstairs. Double spiral stairs.

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