Hello. Newbie with some model critique questions

I’m embarrassed to say, I just realized that I don’t know what to do with the file once it’s been downloaded to Google Drive. :blush:

And it still says it’s 88 MB

I have to sleep, but just try adding some images for now.

Ok. Thanx Box. Goodnight.

You can add the Dropbox link into the message window.

Okay, I think I found the link:


Hi @FauxDesigner,

Generally, the Gallery section fo the forum is where people post images of their work (think about a physical gallery, with pictures hanging on the wall - generally, they should look like this). I am going to move this topic into our Meta category (where we talk about the workings of the forum and such). I would strongly urge you to start a new topic in the Gallery beginning with an image of your work, so the rest of us can utter “oohs” and “ahhs” and give you likes!


Hahaha, exactly :slight_smile:

Ok. No worries.

Check. New post tomorrow. But I doubt oohs and ahh that’s why I was hoping for designer input.

Thank you.

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Download a “Snipping Tool” It’s like a screen capture except you get to control with a box what you want to copy. Mine saves as a JPEG.

Mine saves as a tiff and then I have to import it into Fireworks and convert it. I use it sometimes when I really need it.

the default for Screen Capture [⌘⇧4] on a mac is png, it saves to the Desktop…

Applications/Utilities/Grab.app saves to tiff but opens in Preview where you can name and save in any format…

both are ‘native’ on all mac’s…



These are listed under System Prefrences->Keyboard. Then keep Preview.app open, Cmd-N to paste into new window.

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With the Windows Snipping tool, I can paste the grabbed image directly into a forum post with no need to save it as a file first. Can’t Mac users do that? I last used a Mac with OS 9 so I have lost touch.

See the pic @Barry uploaded :slight_smile:

Paste in forum

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Thanx @john_drivenupthewall John! I will try this next time I need to upload something. I was turned onto exporting as a 2D graphic in the SKUP File menu. It works just like screen capture it seems.

@Barry, I’m not sure what you are saying. I went to Preferences>Keyboard and, yes, everything looks the same (all same are checked), so are you saying I need to use the up-arrow/cmd/3 to copy the screen, then open (what) new window and paste? Sorry, I’m a bit confused on your post. R~

Yes. I’m used to using Command-Shift-4 followed either by drawing a rectangle with the cursor to capture a portion of the screen, or spacebar and click on a window to capture one particular window. That process saves a .png file to the desktop. If you use Command-Control-Shift-4, it goes to the clipboard instead. To hit all those keys, I seem to need to make a “horsey” with my left hand, where the middle finger is the horse’s head and all the other fingers are the legs on the keys. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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^ means control key
image means Shift key
image means the Command key

Command-Shift-4 will copy and put on your pasteboard. So try that, then hit command-v in a reply forum post to insert it.

Dahhh…silly me. I knew all that. :blush: Sorry to waste your time @Barry

You said Newbie, so it’s all good…

If you want to show your project for discussion in the Gallery section, the File-> Export ->2D Graphic method is the best choice because it just shows the project.

If you want to discuss using SketchUp in the forums, the screen capture method is better because it shows the SketchUp user interface environment like tool bars and palettes, dialog boxes, etc.