Unable to Edit/Update large models and then re-upload


Im unable to edit my models and then re-upload them to the Warehouse. Note that smaller models will let me but larger models just ignore me, I have some approaching the 50mb limit (i.e. I d/l the model, paste in new content, go to upload the model, the box appears with all the previous info, I click “Update” and nothing happens - it basically just ignores me). Ive tried re-booting, etc and nothing works. I really would like to not have to delete my model and then upload again since some of the models belong to other peoples collections, etc.

Thank you for your help!

The update could just be taking a really long time. Post a link to your model and we can investigate further.

Its def not a time issue - I just clicked update and left it sitting overnight and nothing happened.

Here is an example of a model that just ignores me:
(Mountain Lake Retreat | 3D Warehouse)

Thanks @Mike_B, we will take a look. Also, can you confirm that the new version of this model is < 50MB?

With this particular model I didn’t actually try add content - I was trying to change the verbiage and the initial view showing the model (so there was no file size change).

Thanks for following up - I appreciate your time!

Hi Isaac,

Any idea what the problem is?


I’m succeeding within about 90 seconds of hitting the Upload button (using SketchUp 15 on a Mac). What is your system? It’s a pretty hefty upload so could be tripped up by any networking / connectivity issues.

I’m on SU 15, Win 7 serv pack 1.
This is embarrassing but the update upload is working fine now. I just tried various models. The internet conn here is pretty spotty at times (but Ive tried during various times of the day, left overnight, etc and sometimes it just doesn’t work(!?)). Anyways, thank you for following up I appreciate your time.

OK, great, glad to hear it’s working. In the future I’d wait no more than 5 minutes before trying again.

I am having this exact problem.