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I have tried to upload a few different models, all under 4 mb, and I have just seen this message for the last few days. I successfully uploaded a few models a week ago. I’ve noticed a few other users have this issue too. Any ideas why I can’t upload?


Got a url, or private message me if the model is private. And others? Any url’s you can point me at would help. Thanks.






Thanks, found something… be right back with a status.


…and mine: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=uff3b4daf-a95c-4b5f-b190-febce37451b7


Thank you Thom Thom for all your great plugins. I use clean-up quite often.


Root cause found, working on fix. Note - even after we get it fixed, it’ll probably be a bit before we catch up on backlogged jobs.


Thank you Barry. :smile:


And… we’re back. If you want to up your priority, re-upload. It’ll take a while to get through the backlog. I just uploaded one and got it to render. Thanks for letting us know: we had an alarm go off, that in the past wasn’t as critical as this issue was; we’ll pay closer attention to that alarm next time.