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I uploaded a model to the warehouse a while ago (29 days approx) and its still displaying the above message and not the thumbnail or 3d preview.

The file size is around 18.5mb and can be downloaded fine - just wondering if there is a certain amount of time required for generating the previews as there are other models out there which are larger files and seem to preview ok.

The model is here;


(Mods feel free to remove the link I there are forum rules relating to plugging your own work etc)

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We looked at that model, and somehow it just got HUGE when we tried to stream it. We’re looking at it to see what happened, and have filed a bug around it to get it fixed once we discover the source of the error. Thanks for sharing this.


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I had one do the same thing a few weeks back, and I had used the soap bubble / skin tool. To make a gas tank for a motorcycle. It was not a very large file at all. After one hour I went to bed and in the morning, some six hours later. It still said the same thing so I went to work and upon coming in, 10 more hours had passed. It still did not load it and I just canceled it. Weird it was the only one that I had an issue with and the only one that I used a plug-in for a bulk of the geometry ??? I looked great and had no hung up edges… smooth as a babies butt.

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Thanks for looking into this for me - will be interested to see what causes the issue and if its something in the model will try to avoid it in the future.

Mrwmrutski - I created the model using a bare bones install of Sketchup 8 with no plugins or 3rd party addons. There are also no complex curved faces or surfaces. In fact the only curved surfaces I can think of are some simple spheres/globes for the internal lights and some ogee style mouldings so nothing too complicated.