3D Warehouse not loading my models

Before anyone asks, I cannot do anything code-related, and features like DevTools are completely useless to me. :frowning:

I’ve uploaded a couple models within the last 48 hours, and their thumbnails are refusing to load.

Now I understand that it takes some time for these things to load, but it’s been days since I’ve posted these models and the thumbnails still haven’t loaded. I can still download the model, so that seems to be working fine. I don’t know what else could be wrong though.

I don’t see any errors in the page. Something stopped it rerendering.

@psaal @TheGuz

Hey @CameronTrain would you mind deleting the model at https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/bd336db9-6bef-471b-b41f-35a715b7bd1a/GMD-GP40-2W-Guilford-Rail-System and reuploading it? One of our renderers appears to have gotten stuck on it and I think this will solve the problem for this one model. We’ve identified the source of the problem and I think it’s been fixed. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for sharing your great work!

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I would not mind deleting it at all. Thank you for the help! :grinning:

Thanks Cameron, looks like that worked. :slight_smile:

Thanks Peter. I had the same problem yesterday but it seems to be working fine now.