I am having problems updating and uploading models to the 3D warehouse

Today suddenly, I cannot update and upload models to the 3D Warehouse in SketchUpMake 2015 or a browser, either.
My new updated models(dolphin, dolphin 2) don’t change old models in my warehouse.
My new upload model stop the process appearing “Hang tight just a minute”.

SketchUp Team, Please help me.

Having same problem in Tasmania, must be server ?

Thanks for your reply, pcmoor.

It seems that “Recent models” on the 3D Warehouse Homepage have not changed since writing this thread.

These problems may have happened in the whole of the 3D Warehouse.

Uploads ARE working. STL printing and Rendering other formats / thumbnails on 3dwarehouse is down. Trying to get it restarted now. I’ll write back here when we get it.

These problems have already been solved. Thanks for SketchUp Team, Barry.

Yes, sorry, I’m remote high in the mtns. We’ve fixed.

The completely same problems (Puppy) seem to have happened again.
SketchUp Team, Barry, Would you fix the upload and update system of 3D Warehouse again?

The system was quickly fixed.

We’ve had some issues since launching SketchUp 2016. We are monitoring this closely, and fixing things.