Can't upload models to the 3D Warehouse

The following error message shows up when I tried to upload a model to the 3d Warehouse:

I tried to upload the model both via web browser and directly from Sketchup to no avail. The model is less than 50 mb and was made using Sketchup Make 2017. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

It looks like there’s an issue with the 3D Warehouse. It seems they are working on it. Give it some time and try again.

Has this happened before? Anyway, thanks for the answer. I will try to upload the model again in a few days.

Once in awhile there are server problems. It’s computer stuff after all.

Makes sense. I think it will clear up within a few days.

Probably in less time than that.

We’ll track this in this thread: Models won't upload to warehouse - #10 by Barry

Hi Barry, I have another issue. It does not look like I have the ability to scroll down to hit the upload button on my model. I have attempted to upload it, but was unable to for the same reason with both the browser and the 3d warehouse upload window.

@doc.tripp7, what version of SketchUp are you using? What operating system? Please complete your profile.

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