New 3D Warehouse killed some of my models

Hello, i’m here looking for a solution, or workaround for a problem i’ve noticed after the “major” update in the Warehouse.
Well, to start, the company i work sells products and the warehouse is an important piece of tech to help our customers to incorporate the products via sketchup, providing everyone with a good visualization.
Right now the page have 662 models of our products.
Problem is this new update.
I’ve noticed that the overall number of downloads on the company page have lowered a bit, and after some reading, i’ve realized that people are having a hard time finding stuff on the warehouse.
So after going to see what was up i found multiple models with a message

“Failed to Upload. It appears that your model upload has failed. Please try uploading the model again.”

And you can’t download a model with this message. the download button, when hovered says: “Download is unavailable due to an upload error”
Then i thought, “well, i can reupload them”
After reupload the sparkling magic shows up, and after the models are processed, the failed to upload message shows up again.

Is there a way to fix this on my side, or a attempt to fix this on the sketchup side of things?
Customers unable to download our items from the warehouse can show some very negative effects on our work here.
Any advice and suggestions are welcome, and thanks in advance!

Edit: For context of the quantity of models. I’ve opened the first 100 models, 33 of them showed the “Failed to upload” message, so it is a significantly portion of the products on there.

This may help…Check out the posts

I’m using it through web browser, all the uploads were made using the brave, and opera.
And tried loading on different computers and mobile devices, the problem exists in all platforms.
So the solution to fix files in my computer does not apply here sadly.

I’m going to reach out to you directly.

Hey @TheGuz
Any updates on the matter?
I’ve replied the e-mail almost a week ago, and got no response yet.

We are reviewing this bug now and it is marked as High Priority.

Update: The solution should be applied in the next two weeks.

I’m just returned from my vacation, and checked the models, and they are still not working.
Tried reuploading them and after 3 hours processing, they still “failed to upload”.
I understand that fixing those things take time, but, we’re losing downloads compared to before the update.
Like i asked via e-mail, is there some parameter, or limitation found in the models that failed?
There must be something in commom in the failed ones.