New 3D Warehouse killed some of my models

I know, it is so frustrating, i tried also loads and loads of stuff, reuploading, renaming the document, exporting differently etc

geberit smyle 120 cm zandgrijs 2 bakken.skp (14.9 MB)

“50 cm” shouldn’t be a problem.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the credits. I just tried uploading your sink file to the 3D Warehouse and had a message it could not verify ownership. Checking credits I see the following.
Screenshot - 4_9_2024 , 6_35_29 AM
I’m thinking that the Warehouse is comparing those credits with my account and sees that I’m not the one who authored the model or some of the components within.

By the way, who is the target audience for this model? The manufacturer of the sink?

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Ahhh that is possible yeah, never even thought about checking the credits. We are a company which renovates bathrooms and we work with Geberit Group, they have basically their whole catalog available on their website to download and to import in Sketchup, so you can create your own sink. And I am the person who basically designs the bathrooms in 3D for our clients, but i upload their models private. Hope this clears it for you haha :slight_smile:

I was just wondering because the sink in your shared model looks like it was made from the original manufacturing drawings. Seems like a lot of unnecessary detail that bloats the model. Not a huge problem by itself but in conjunction with other similarly overweight components it could create performance issues for you.

Yeah they are the original drawings, and some of them are more complicated if you know what i mean. But I try to purge my documents and I change my style to 0 profiles and it helps a lot with the perfomance. Thank you for helping.

If this has happened to you, please share one or two URLs from 3D Warehouse (the URL will be in a format like this 3D Warehouse).

I can have the team look at it to determine if the issue lies with out systems.

Well, after some interior designers, asked for the files for some of our products, i’ve decided to open all of the 767 models we have available, and to my surprise, the total number of products uploaded, that don’t work anymore is 210.
One thing is a couple errors, and redoing the models. more than 25% of the entire list not working, and all of them worked normal before the updates. Now i have to stop whatever i’m doing to send the files manually when asked.
Pretty frustrating, to be honest. Still waiting for the support reply for almost a year, regarding this problem. Tried reuploading, redoing some models. sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt, and sometimes if you upload the same model, as 2 different items, one works and one dont.
Honestly, if there where another software to use, i’d be more than happy to leave Sketchup behind, is problem after problem since the beggining.