Failed to Upload?

Going thru my models in the Warehouse today after noticing a new feature, I found that two of them have the error, “Failed to Upload. It appears that your model upload has failed. Please try uploading the model again.”

These models have been in the Warehouse since 2017 - unchanged/unedited. Oddly, they are by far the most liked and most downloaded of all my models. I have gotten email notices of people “liking” these models as recently as the 2nd of April and today, yet they cannot be viewed in the 3D Preview or downloaded in their current status.

I have noticed other models with this error in the past months - some, that just like mine, have been in the Warehouse for some time…but just figured the failed upload issue has apparently existed for years, and the owner never returned to find that they needed to re-upload their model. But now I wonder since running across two of my own that are suddenly, out of the clear blue, unavailable allegedly because of a failed upload.

What’s up?


A couple weeks ago, I found that one of the two models showing the failed upload error, no longer had the error across it and the preview image was displaying just fine. The other model still had the failed upload error.

I waited a couple days or so more, and checked to see if the other model was straightened out, only to find that:
1). No, the second model was still showing the failed upload, and,
2). I noticed the model that mysteriously shed the failed upload error, was showing a modified date of 10 April 2024.

Despite there being no replies to my OP, someone knows what is happening in the Warehouse, as I’m fairly sure the status of the model no longer displaying the failed upload error didn’t just fix itself - the new date would seem to be proof of that. I ended up fixing the other model, and assume the reason the Good Warehouse Samaritan didn’t fix the other is because it was an older model accompanied by a description that exceeds today’s character limits.

Now today, I’m looking around and discover another of my models with a “Failed to Upload” error. It was originally uploaded to the Warehouse in early 2016, removed in the fall of 2017, and re-uploaded in December 2017. It currently shows a “modified” date of 19 May '22, but has been in the Warehouse all this time, problem-free. Until now.

What’s going on? Is this going to continue?

ping @TheGuz who might know, or at least, can open a ticket on this.


I think you just did… :wink:
Thanks :+1:

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You rang?

Let’s see what we can do here.
Can you share some 3D Warehouse links to the model details pages where the failure is?

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So far, since my last post, it is the only model at the moment with the upload error. I’ve been checking occasionally after this third incidence.

I was surprised to find the upload error on this model in light of the fact it’s been hidden since May 2022. The model is one of my older ones and not all that great - I was fairly new at using SU. But it’s just the principle of it.

I’m assuming you all can still view the model even though it is hidden… 3D Warehouse. If not, I will un-hide it.

I realize that it will have to be re-uploaded just like the previous two. I’ve not re-uploaded it yet in case it can reveal something to give you all a clue as to what’s going on, or why it’s happening.

Thanks @TheGuz

I fixed this model. Our rendering process was choking on the number of tags you had on it. It was more than 5 maximum (I think you had like 34 tags on it). I rerendered the model after that and it passed.

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Is there anywhere that this limit of 5 tags is referred to in Warehouse documentation? Considering the primary focus of the Warehouse, five tags sounds like plenty but maybe a warning could be presented to users when uploading files?


Thank you, @EricFrank. Yes, the tags are from when I first uploaded that model in 2016. I think a maximum was implemented… what? Two, three years ago? I think then if you put in more than five tags you got a warning or something like that. I have learned quite a bit since first coming to the Warehouse.

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