Failed Uploads

Has anyone noticed the massive number of failed uploads in the Warehouse? It began sometime yesterday afternoon (13 Feb) or evening. The conditions are the same in two different browsers with or without ad and 3rd party cookie blockers. It seemed to have begun following a period when the Warehouse was down.

The issue is most evident if simply looking for the latest uploads, no matter what type of model. In other words, clik the magnifying glass at the end of the search bar in the 3DWH, no search terms, and no filters other than “Date Modified” to bring up all the most recent uploads.

Some show “Something Doesn’t Look Right…”
Others show “Sprinkling Some Magic…”

Oddly, there was one user who seemed to have had luck in successfully uploading about 30-35 models. Otherwise…it’s hit and miss. Mostly miss.

I wonder if it could be related to this

the fact that some files now appear to be ready for SU24
There are what, 5 million things in the warehouse, give or take ? could take tome time and create some difficulties for a few days ?

Also, it seems to affect models but not products (as you said, check the latest uploads and scroll down, the products are fine)

@TheGuz should we expect the warehouse to be difficult for a few days ?

Perhaps so. Could explain why the Warehouse was down for a short while yesterday.

Most of the affected uploads are indeed non-products. But if you scroll beyond the first 64 or 128 uploads, you will begin to see products that also did not successfully upload.

If one checks the SketchUp Status page, we see that there was an outage on the 13 and 14 of FEB.

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Ahhh…explains it all. Thanks @DanRathbun. I did not know about that status page. I will check it next time before posting. :smiley: :+1:

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