3D-Warehouse component warning

Occasionally, when I download a component from the 3D Warehouse, I receive a notification that the component was created in a newer version of SketchUp and may not display correctly. Oddly enough, I have the latest version of SketchUp, also my PC is up to date. However, the component seems to work perfectly fine from my perspective. It’s still quite puzzling. Anyone else experiencing this? Greetings, Dion.

well, first, you profile still says sketchup 2020 on a mac, might be time to update it :slight_smile:

second, occasionally since when ?
if it’s recent, say about month, my guess is that they are updating the warehouse into a 2024 format. meaning that sketchup 24 is around the corner. Last year, 23 was released on feb 16 so it’s not a wild assumption that 24 is near

Although the SU files are versionless since 2021, some elements in newer version might be lost : in 23.1 we saw the snaps appear, I haven’t tried but I suppose opening a 23.1 file with snaps in 21 would give the same message.

SU24 probably brings / changes a little something too. and even though the warehouse files were made without this little something, as they’ll be converted to SU24 format, they’ll display the message.

but, you know, it’s just a guess.

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Thank you. That’s fine information. I will look in to that.
Have a nice day.

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