Warehouse models created in a newer version message?

When I have downloaded models from the 3D warehouse, I get a message that they were created in a newer version of SketchUp and if I continue some information may be lost or displayed incorrectly, however, when I check for updates It says I am up to date.

I have 23.1.340 64bit

Any thoughts?

I expect that’s a canned 3D Warehouse message that is prepped for when SketchUp 2024 is released. Although the file is version agnostic since SU2021 there are features added to newer versions that older versions might not support. A good recent example is the addition of Snaps in 2023.1. Models made in that version can be opened in a previous version but the snaps will be lost in 23.0 or earlier.

Nothing to worry about at this point.

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Thanks Dave

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