Help with uploading files - 3D Warehouse


I’m currently having some issues with uploading in 3D Warehouse and I’d like to see if anyone has had the same problem before. Since it’s a browser thing, I don’t think my specs matter, but just in case, here’s the basic stuff: I’m using a MacOS and I use Opera.

I had 28 models to upload today. 8 of them were successful, but from the 9th on a really strange message, which I’ve never seen in this context before, started to show up.

The message is in portuguese, but it translates to something like “We’re sorry - the model was not found. It has possibly been privated or deleted”. In the listing, it shows up just fine, with the rendered thumbnail, title and everything.

All of the 20 remaining models are having the same issue. I can’t edit the models, too - a message saying “something went wrong while loading data” appears (translated, so it may not be accurate), and when I close it and try to go back to the model list, it behaves like if it was normal - warning me that there are non-saved edits, etc etc. All of the other older models are behaving normally.

They are not light files, but they’re not the heaviest, too: it’s all around 30mb. The titles are similar, too, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the autogenerated URL.

I work for a furniture company, so we have a large amount of models to upload do the 3D Warehouse. I’m not sure if there is a cap, but this issue started to occur with 324 models uploaded - which would be a weird number for a cap, so I don’t think it’s that either.

Does anyone have any idea, please?

Sorry for double posting, but I have an update - a couple of hours later, my models sort of work as intended: sometimes I can open them just fine, sometimes the message appears. Could this be a rendering issue? I reckon that if it was an upload issue, it just wouldn’t work each and everytime I tried to open them, but it seems to be at random.

The first 8 models uploaded continue to not have any issue, too.

Thank you for reporting! Would you mind sharing the URL of the site you’re on the next time you get this error? We might be able to parse out something useful by knowing where 3D Warehouse was trying to take you.