English Demilune Table

Felt like taking a break from paying jobs to do a little SketchUp practice.

Based on a table from the 1940s.


You can upload the file, so we can see what you are up against, you can use follow me to finish the top




What are you talking about? There’s nothing more needed for the top.

I wasn’t asking for any assistance.

I wonder if Mike meant to reply on another thread, not this one?

Tell us more about the style you used. How do you get those nice, soft shadows?

Hi David,

I just made a quick render in Kerkythea and combined it with a lines-only export from SketchUp. Basically these two images.

I did a textured version like this:

By adding this image to the other two.

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Thank you, @davidheim1

For fun, here’s a view of the mesh at the bottom of the legs.


Lovely & interesting effect. Keep posting your work Dave - it keeps me motivated & reminds me how far I have to go!

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Fog or layering afterwards?

In the image of the mesh? Just fog.

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That’s a very nice effect you have there, it defines it so well.

Nice work @DaveR!

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Very nice technique, but how are you combining the images ?

I combine the images in an image editor. I use Paintdotnet on my PC but any image editor will work. The images above the bottom layer in the editor get set to Multiply so the layers below show through.

Excellent work, Dave. Only thing I would consider would be raising the lower stretchers a bit, so they’re not sitting on the floor. That will allow the piece to sit on any uneven floor a little bit better. (not meaning to be nitt picky on you, just they way I build furniture).
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks. I drew the table the way the original was built. If I were building it for real, I certainly would raise the stretchers a little.


Not that it “ain’t perfect” but my first thought that the top would look nice with an ogee edge. In the 40’s it might have been a veneered top in which case the original might be square. Nice job Dave. I always love your subtle shadow work. Makes it so real. No get back to that paying job :wink:


So, I was working on texturing wine racks in a wine room, thinking I was doing a pretty nice job. Then, I see this. D’oh!

Nice work, Dave.