Cocktail Table from the 1930s

Sunday morning SketchUp practice. A cocktail table based on one by KEM Weber Lloyd from the late 1930s. I updated the laminate top with one from the 50s.

Rendered in Kerkythea.


Hey @DaveR,

Along with just about everyone who visits this site, I am an admirer of your work.

Would you be willing to share the skm material file used to present the stainless steel table legs and feet shown in the model? I use Kerkythea for architectural renders too, but have never achieved a similar result in displaying a reflective metal surface,

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Thank you.

The material in SketchUp is just Color M01 from the Colors collection but it could be anything. In the Material editor in KT I replaced it with the Chome preset from the collection called Metals_Ashikhmin_MLT. That’s it. Nothing really special.

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Well…Your rapid acquiescence is indeed special for me!:grin:


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That’s one gorgeous table.

I’ve been playing around with the cocktail table. I added a clock from about 1932 to it and changed the top.


I were just thinking it might look interesting with a glass top. Maybe 3 panes separated by strips similar to the lower parts somehow.
Just an idea, of course.

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Interesting, Ian. Three long, skinny pieces or with the dimensions running across the short direction?

My thought were to run the separators from front to back, I remember my gran had a wooden one like that. (You could do both :smiley:)
Then my thoughts turned to how the glass would be rounded.

The corners of the glass could be rounded.

Maybe one piece of tempered glass, though?

Yeah you could do that. I kinda thought that as there are 3 legs and 2 feet, there would be 3 panes and 2 separators on the top.
When you look at the table you see 3s and 2s. That’s what I thought anyhow!

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