Small Cherry Side Table

A small cherry side table designed by Michael Pekovich and which I modeled for plans. The original was made from a single board plus the secondary wood for the drawer sides, back, and bottom. I found a nice 9 ft long by almost 11 in. wide cherry “board” for a texture.


Interesting “hip” to the leg just below the apron (is that the term?) or side of the table!

I don’t know what it is called. Maybe a shoulder? It is an interesting detail for sure.

@DaveR, Your textures make me sick and I mean that in the best of ways.

I also use images of “boards” I have. Sometimes larger ones (at least in width) than yours.

Could you suggest the settings you use? Like in Photoshop?

Thanks, Chris

Thanks, I think. :slight_smile:

As for settings, it’s kind of variable. I usually don’t do much of anything except cropping to get rid of unwanted areas like sapwood or splits. For the cherry on this table I did edit the texture after applying it to make it a bit darker and redder so it would look like it has been exposed to UV a little.

I use Paintdotnet instead of Photoshop. With it I’m usually finished editing the image before Photoshop would open.

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Large Cherry Side Table.
Couldn’t resist. :wink:


Yes, I did mean that as a compliment.
Your wood textures are impeccable.

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Thank you, sir.

They are never as hi res as some people want but I don’t care about hi res textures. I just want to make a reasonable insinuation of the wood.

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Very nice!!

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Do you mean your clients want higher res textures?

No. My clients have never asked for higher res textures. I was referring to some SketchUp users who want hi res wood textures. It seems they also want them to be seamless. :wink:

Not in the same league as DaveR’s but I created this model of an art deco consort table which is sat in my lounge one wet sunday afternoon. The textures were taken off the actual furniture (photographed at about 0.3mb ie camera’s lowest resolution - no photoshop work) which gives the UV / faded effect and there are small lens flares from the light, I like but not to everyone’s taste.