Dredging up the Past

A couple of versions of a small cabinet from the Arts and Crafts, Stickley period.


I’d like to see a nice Chippendale writing desk or secretary in walnut next :star_struck:

Aaron has already described ho to make the tapered legs:

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Give me a few minutes to get SketchUp fired up and see what I can do.

How about a lowboy instead of a desk?


nice but imagined something more like this :yum:


just kiddin’

That would take me a few more minutes.

fear you do mean this serious ggg

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The hardest part is getting up the interest to model it. I’m not much of a fan of that style of ornamentation.

it’s a little bit ahum over-designed, there are much nicer simple ones.

Yes. Imagine having to clean that thing!



Forget the Lowboy. Show me a Cowboy.

Amazing work, Dave, as always. Thanks for sharing.


Nice work. I love the way you make the grain so realistic.

Thank you. As for the wood grain textures, it helps to use images of entire boards instead of little squares that have to repeat on the surface.