Arts and Crafts Desk

A desk in the Arts and Crafts style from the early 1900s. White oak with pine as the secondary wood.


What camera did you use to take this picture?
And are you going to model this piece of furniture?


Thank you.

Nah. Been there, done that. :wink:

Once again…another fine drawing. :smiley:

I’m bowing in abasement to the Master!

Very Well Done! The shadowing is phenomenal.!!!

When I seen this posted the first day I really was not sure if it was a photo or a drawing. Being new to the forum and 3D drawing I did not want to ask and sound stupid. :wink:

I was pretty sure it was a drawing, but not 100% sure. So I decided to just watch the topic. I see from the other replies posted now that it is in fact a drawing.

Right? It is a drawing? :smiley:

That is really amazing and I’m not kidding when I say at first I thought it could be a photograph.

It really shows off your talent and what SketchUp is capable of doing if you have the skill to use it like you do.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you all for the nice words.