A Drafting Table

Revisiting an old model.

I originally drew up this model a few years ago for plans for a client. I recently had a new request for plans and unfortunately the original ones disappeared in a hard drive crash so I had to remake them. On the bright side, it gave me an opportunity to rework the design to make construction simpler and with all the improvements in LayOut since the first time I made it, the plans were much easier to make and look better than before.


Excellent wood textures as usual.

Like the curved undersides.

I don’t understand, is that a big angled touchscreen?


Thanks. Those are the original textures I used back when I did the original model. My wood textures are better these days but I was too lazy to redo the textures on this one. :slight_smile:

What resolutions do you use for your wood textures?

Do you make them available on SketchUcation or sell them somewhere?

Resolution varies but generally I’m not interested in hi res textures. Most people seem to only be interested in hi res textures so I don’t make them available anywhere.

I still have a t-square…felling nostalgic. Nice model.


A SketchUp model of a T-square and drafting board? Is that … a model of irony?



Reminds me of a drafting class I took in High School, way back…………

Isn’t that the opposite of wrinkly? :smiley:

I guess it is kind of funny that I didn’t use my T-square, triangles or other manual drafting tools for this project. Actually, my triangles live out in the workshop. They are handy setup tools for the tablesaw and other machines.

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I’m no spring chicken but even I have never used a drawing board with a loose try square before! I started on parallel motion boards and moved on to ones that had built in angle devices (probably had a name but I forget it). I still have a small problem with my back that I put down to being hunched over a drawing board day after day. Now we have RSI instead.

Someone I knew once said that the reason we have square buildings is because we use try squares and squares to draw with. I think it goes a little beyond that but it’s interesting to think that using equipment that defaults to squares and straight lines, perpendiculars, etc, might have some bearing on how we design. CAD has probably freed that up a bit but it’s still much harder to model with organic forms (and even harder to construct them in the real world).

Funnily enough, I have long argued that the natural evolution of CAD would result in an electronic version of just such a thing. you wouldn’t use a mouse but a drafting pen-like tool on a touchscreen. Of course, such tablets already exist, but not in the kind of size that you would really need or at a price most people can afford. I have no doubt we will get there. Maybe one day, people will say “Mouse? What’s a mouse?”.

That would probably result in: back to getting a sore back

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Even got the Borco color right, I’m impressed (still have some of that in my basement, of course, it’s use is limited to keeping laundry on the table now).

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The iPad Pro and the Morpholio app was the death of my drawing board. It’s in the garage but I just can’t part with it.

I still have the parallel motion ruler attached to my table. It is handy for cutting paper and boards for my bookbinding hobby, together with many other tools originally meant for drafting.


Hey Dave, Is the drawing on the table a Layout derived image? And where do I get that drafting tape? My local print shop looks like a hand drafting close out sale. Can you draw me up a full roll? Seriously I love all the nostalgic comments of Sketchuppers lamenting graphite and paper. You all would have loved the the huge maple and steel guillotine paper cutter I saw at the self same print shop I visited today. I fully expected my 6th grade teacher warning me not to touch it.

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If I remember right, the model was done before LayOut so, no, it’s not LayOut derived. The drafting tape components were made from images of actual pieces of tape, though.

You’re smart to keep away from the old paper cutter.

If I could find a fonts to match the old K&E lettering guides I’d model the set I have.


I actually have one of those in my basement. I think I got it in my pen plotter days for custom sheet sizes or something.

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