Drawing or Drafting?

Hello Guys,
I´m a german guy and architectural draftsman. My english is not the very best. All day long I sit in front of my CAD modeling 3d architectural things. At the end of the day I am printing…Drawings or Draftings?
Can you help me out? What´s the difference? :smiley:

Thanks, Regards Peter

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There’s probably a rather boring technical answer to this. I’\m not going into that. I can only tell you as an Englishman with many years of architectural drawing behind me what I think.

We generally call the person who does the technical drawing a draftsman, not a drawingsman (no such word AFAIK). But we call his output drawings not drafts. We tend to use the noun draft in this context to mean version. So you do the first draft of a drawing, for example, before it is amended and becomes definitive.

I guess the word drafting does exist but it is not in common use.

And your English is much, much better than my German!

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Well since I am in between, and not being to technical, either, I would say that there is a difference in making a drawing versus making a model.

You draw edges and faces, you model groups and components.

You can print the edges and faces at the end of the day on your printer, but you can actually build your model at the end of the day on a 3D Printer!

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Generally speaking, Drafting is a verb while Drawing can be a verb or a noun. It would be unusual to use Drafting as a Noun.


To complicate things a little more: you can feel both a drawing and a draft.

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Ok guys, thanks a lot for the little english-lesson!
@g.h.hubers: What do you mean with “feel…”?

and don’t forget ‘Sketching’…

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Haha, you´re right. As we work with SketchUp, we always should use “Sketch/ing” instead of “Drawing” :grinning:

When you pick up your drawing you can hopefully feel it in your hand(s)
To feel a draft is more obvious. Put on a coat, I would say.

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We could throw a draught in there as well.

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This topic is drifting.


Can you draught someone while they are drifting?

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I prefer modeling since, although the screen is 2D, you “draw” edges in a 3D environment. And SketchUp fills in the faces for coplanar loops. That’s one of the reasons why I prefer to work in ‘Perspective’ mode.

Not in a drought. You would want a beer!

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Does this only work in American? Over here, when you get a cold wind around your ankles, that’s a draught. You can play draughts too…

Then you would be sitting in a draft drinking a draught while drafting your drawing or draught of a car drafting another drifting driver during a dry spell.


And we’re supposed to be helping a native German speaker understand the finer points of English! Himmel!


I only put “Drawing” on my list!

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I was quite sure that I had seen the term draughtsman instead of draftsman used somewhere so I searched and found https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drafter. It says Britons use that…

Actually, you have a point. I think you can spell it either way.