Help built drawings

Hello, I am not a professionally trained draftsman. I occasionally do small permit drawings, and a porch addition I drew now needs an as built drawing to turn in to the county.

The changes are

  • One center set of stairs is now 2 sets of stairs on the ends of the porch.
  • The last 7’ feet of the porch floor is now 8" lower than the rest of the porch.

Would I draw change clouds around the changes and reference that to a new sheet? The original areas needing change shown in red and the changes in green?

I’m a better carpenter than draftsman, although I did not work on this project except for the drawing.

If anyone is willing to offer advise I would love to message you with more info showing things more clearly.
Thanks Tim

I guess what is needed is a set of original drawings, labelled as such, and another set with the end result, labelled “as build”
A little bit of text could explain the changes.