Use of SketchUp to show deck repair changes to building dept




Don’t make us guess what your telegraphic subject line means or what we are supposed to do with this photo. If you can’t be troubled to write a coherent question, why would you expect anyone else to trouble himself trying to help you?

You need to expend as much effort composing a clear, unambiguous question as you’re expecting some stranger to expend answering it.



I agree with Gully… you need to be a bit more descriptive. But I will take a shot at the question I think you are asking, “Can SketchUp be used to show deck repair changes to building department?”. Answer is definitely! You could either measure the existing deck and draw it to scale in SketchUp, along with your proposed repair. OR you could use PhotoMatch to reverse-engineer your deck. Then you could show some nice “repair” overlays. The latter (PhotoMatch) has a steeper learning curve, so if you are new I would not recommend jumping right into that.

Here is what I would suggest as options from easiest to hardest:

  1. Measure and draw your deck. Take screenshots. Print and scribble notes. In my experience, building departments don’t expect much.
  2. Measure, draw, create plans and sections with Layout. A bit harder and you need SketchUp Pro.
  3. Use PhotoMatch as I have started in the attached file. Continue with either step 1 or 2 from there!

Post some more photos and clarify your question. This looks like a job for SketchUp, even without your question.
repair.skp (2.5 MB)


I all depends on what your locale codes and enforcement department will accept.
I was a city inspector a number of years ago. Pictures and plans only show what is intended not what is actual. What is shown in the OPs attached pictures would not meet code requirements in my locale. What is the driver behind the posting is not stated ,but if one assumes some type of upgrade which usually means bring up to code or violation notice then I would guess the OP needs to schedule inspection and get the design approved then approved inspection. Drawing and pics would not fly I am guessing.