A Drafting Table


I started out using my parents old nitrocellulose T-Square and triangles when I was 11. I still used a T-Square for my summer at RISD, but once I started grad school, it was parallel rules from then on, except you needed the T-Square for constructing perspectives.

In the tribute page to a picnic shelter my dad did on NewHavenModern.org, I contributed a bunch of materials included pictures of both my parents at their drafting boards as well as a couple drawings. Having a tetrahedron for a roof, he was decidedly not drawing a square building in this case with that T-Square. I’ve contemplated making a model of it in SketchUp, but I don’t know when I’ll have the time to spare.


@RTCool, That’s a beautiful tribute! Thanks for sharing.


Well, not square in the shape sense but it is square in the linear sense. There are no curves, everything is straight. Easy enough to draw using a drawing board and an adjustable “square”.

It’s a fun structure but, being English myself, how is it English I wonder? I don’t see many buildings like that where I live!

BTW, for someone who works in design, you have a fantastic name!


You might be looking for something like this: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/d-din
DIN 17 and DIN 1451 were the standards behind most of the lettering stencils


Oh, hahaha, it’s a person’s name. The benefactor’s name was apparently Henry Fowler English judging by a drawing for the bronze plaque that was subsequently stolen last I knew.


Classic SU image - timeless style. Executed to perfection, as usual.


Inspiring work as always. It has inspired me to ask 2 how-to questions:

I assume you didn’t draw the “drawing” on the table. Is it an image of a drawing pasted in there?

How did you create the plastic edge on the t-square? Is it a texture?

Thanks for your thoughts and Happy Hollidys all!


Thanks Glenn.

The drawing on the table is an image imported as an image. The plastic edges on the T-square are just painted with a transparent color.


This is called “Hand Cad”, isn’t it ? :wink:


No. It’s “Manually Aided Design and Drafting” (MAD)


Before I used SketchUp I would carefully draw things on large 8x4 plywood boards at 1:1 scale. We jokingly called it “BAD”. Board Assisted Design.


As always your work is amazing. I would however lose the t-square and install a parallel bar…I know there’s one in every crowd. :slight_smile: