Teak and Glass Coffee Table

A quickie while I was waiting for something else to finish rendering.

Based on a table from Italy c. 1950.


Very nice! How long did something like that take you?

Thank you? the model was very fast. There are only three components. The
legs, aprons and top. So maybe 5 minutes. this render probably took 10
minutes to run because of the reflections and glass. I’ve been screwing
around with variations on the render for awhile trying to get a better
looking glass. The latest is here:

I think the index of refraction is still too high.

Nice. The glass is so real!!
How did you do the glass?

Thank you.

The glass is from a library of glasses available from the Kerkythea site. The IoR is a bit higher than I’d like but I’m pleased enough with the edges.

When you go to draw something like this do you have dimension to start with or what?

This seems like a simple enough design for me to try. Don’t know if I should just try and recreate it from your image and guess at dimensions or just what the correct workflow would be.

Edited to add: Maybe I should have started a new topic. Did not mean to hijack your gallery post, sorry.
I certainly won’t be posting any of my images here for sometime. :slight_smile:

I usually have overall dimensions and nothing more. I work out the rest by eye and by what makes sense if I was going to build it myself.

Some times I’ll import an image and use it as a Match Photo or just for reference. sometimes I import an image and just use part of it to get a few dimensions. You can see how I do that here. In the case of this table it was strictly overall dimensions and eyeball.