Fillet the edges on a solid

I want to fillet the edges on this thing i made! How can i make it fast?

This is picture from youtube to understand what i want!


Great job!!!
Thank you very much!!!
The second gif is what i want!

not clear from your profile what version of SUyou have, but if its one that can run extensions then “fredocorner” is always a good option too.

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i have a very old version, 2013! I guess i have to upgrade it!

fredo’s older “round corner” might work on that 2013 version? if his newer “fredocorner” doesn’t?

An alternative with native tools would be to draw a cross section and use Follow Me around the oval.


i tried this way but it didn’t work for me! I believe there was something wrong with the semicircle parts!

I wonder what is wrong with it.

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