Adding material for fillets

Is there a extension that will add material to make a fillet? I have fredos corner and since that smooths/removes material, i was wondering if there was an extension to add material. I can use the follow me tool, just curious if an extension exists first. thanks

FredoCorner (and @Fredo6 's earlier RoundCorner) can add fillets to the inside of a corner, or cut chamfers on the outside of a corner, so to speak. Can you post a picture of what you would like to achieve?

i have the original skp file, but i need to add material to the union of those two solids. Since this will be printed in Petg or ABS, it will have applied loads on it. I want to add the fillet to help reduce shear stress failure.


The FredoCorner/Round Corner extensions can create a fillet between the flat plate and the column very easily. The geometry of both parts must be in the same context (same group or same component). After you perform the union to merge the geometry of the plate and the column into one object, select the perimeter of where you want the fillet and then invoke the extension. It will create a fillet tracking around the selected perimeter.

SketchUp’s native Follow Me tool would also work fairly easily to create a fillet in this case (where the path is on a plane).

ok, so the fredo corner has a fillet option? i need to go download that and try it.


ok,. i have the tool but see no option to add material. just tools to smooth and round them down. which option adds material?


I don’t think you are understanding the tool.
Even the old original round corner will add geometry at the joint. Either rounded or chamfered.

Bevel was the one that i wanted. I tried the others and it disnt add as much material as i wanted.

This is a handy tool to have now

You can specify the offset which determines the size (width) of the fillet or chamfer. You can also specify how many segments should be used to form curved cross-section fillets or chamfers.

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Yeah, i added a 0.25 inch fillet but i used a bevel and it worked better than the round