Fillet on cylinder

I want to know how to put a fillet on the 2 edges of a cylinder?? Why doesn’t sketch up have a fillet and chamfer icon. It would be a lot easier.

By chance, I did a tutorial on this very subject a while back:

Corner radius on cylinder


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man that’s a lot of extra work. In catia and ug they have the icons for fillets and chamfers. It seems to me that sketch up has you do a lot of extra work to do a simple function. I’m going to find another design process.

You can install Fredo’s excellent Roundcorner to give you tools to create chamfers and fillets: [Plugin][$] RoundCorner - v3.3a - 18 Dec 18 • sketchUcation • 1

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Why not just use the follow me tool?


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I used this method, however, what I created is a shallow cylinder, (the inside of the cylinder is empty). What did I do wrong?

Could you post a screen shot? Very likely it is a case of working with too small geometry but seeing it would help.

Keep in mind, though, SketchUp is a surface modeler so there never is anything inside. But if you get a hole to the inside, that’s different.

Hi folks.

Also, make sure that the center of the circle used for the lathing operation is aligned with the axis of the object.

Just ideas.