Creating fillets

Lately I’ve been doing practice exercises using the drawings from One thing that has repeated frustrated me is drawing the places where fillets meet at complex corners. I’ve tried follow-me, Fredo corner, Curviloft, etc., and still keep running into situations none of them handle.

Here is an example I came across yesterday. There is a fillet running one way to this junction and a rounded corner meeting it from another. I have two questions:

  1. How would a real situation like this be shaped? The transition from concave to convex baffles me. The drawing from the exercise set gives no clue. Orthographic views misathis sort of thing, and the 3D view has it partly out of sight on the back.

  2. If there is a good answer to #1, how would one draw it in SketchUp?

Here’s where my SketchUp model got to:

Like this?:

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Or like this…

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(the second part somehow missed out of saving to gif…)


@MikeWayzovski the roundover doesn’t continue around to the second edge :thinking: It would need to be chopped off somehow and the square edge restored.

@dezmo that is similar to what I had done on some others. Wonder why I didn’t think of it here. I’d give you the solution check, but waiting to see if anyone else comes up with alternatives.

Of course, that begs the question of whether this is what the original drawing intended - but as noted, I really can’t tell from it. If anyone cares, it was their drawing number 290.

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this part?


I think @dezmo is right

For real fun with fillets (as well as some other interesting geometry) try this one

hello, you can also use curviloft :