Roundover (fillet) of curved edge of furniture leg

SketchUp users,
Looking for some help with trying round (aka fillet) the edges of a leg for a piece of furniture. I have tried several techniques and all failed. Any feedback is most appreciated.
I defined the leg shape using a 2D front view, push pulled and made a component, copied and rotated it, then used solid tools->intersect, converted the group to a component.
I want the vertical corner edge and the adjacent vertical edges with a 1/16" rounding.
These two edges/faces would later mate with a horizontal apron.

I tried several ways:

  1. FredoCorner: Would not work as I received Overlap Warning on the two inside edges (the concave curves).
  2. RoundCorner: The outside face of the leg was removed after running.
    The below screenshot is from using RoundCorner extension where I selected all three edges for rounding.
  3. Follow me with Trim/Keep: I generate a “cutter” component using Follow me and used Trim/Keep on the Leg component. Seemed OK at first. SoldInspector2 said OK-shiny, but when I saved the file, “Validity Check” errors and adjacent faces were gone.

In the attached file I used undo to the point just before the Trim and Keep operation. If the file is saved afterward, some faces of the leg will be removed.
BTW, the model shown in the file is a copy that has been scaled up by x1000 using the “Dave Technique” ala @DaveR . So the rounding on the corner is 62.5 inches (1/16" x1000).

Perhaps this type of rounded over edge is not possible in a concave curved edge. ?

leg test3.skp (1.1 MB)

Thanks so much. I did the same as you show in the GIF. I rounded the edge and saved the file without error and no faces were removed. I also tried it on the other two edges and it worked.
When I did this before, I had selected all three edges for RoundCorner. I also had the segment size higher then 4 which you used.
I will try this again on some other models keeping the edge count as low as possible. Maybe thats the key takeaway.
I assume you welded the edge prior to making the GIF.

You’re welcome!

It also works with 12, I did with less, out of habit, to have a model with geometry as much as necessary to not make it heavy needless.
Yes, I weld it before.